Regular Services

Matins at
8.45am (not at present due to Covid-19)
Held in the Lady Chapel, this service lasts about 15 minutes.  It is traditional in format with no sermon and contains no music.
(For those unfamiliar with the term Matins, it is a service consisting of psalms, scripture readings and prayers).  

Low Mass at
9.00am (not at present due to Covid-19)
This service is a said mass (“Holy Communion” or “Eucharist”).  There is no singing or chanting; everything is spoken.  There is a sermon.  The liturgy is held in the Lady Chapel on the south side of the church’s sanctuary, and is according to the modern Scottish rite. This mass lasts approximately 40 minutes. 

Sung (or High) Mass at 11.00am 

The principal service of the day, this is an elaborated traditional version of the liturgy of the Mass. 
Incense is used in this service which is held in the main church. 
Approximate service length of 75 minutes.

Evening Prayer at 5.00pm (not at present due to Covid-19)
A short said service which takes place most Sundays.

Midweek Mass 
(not at present due to Covid-19)
There are masses during the week, regularly at 7.00pm on Tuesdays and at 10.00am on Wednesdays. In addition, there is a celebration on major festivals in the Church’s Year. These masses are usually according to the modern rite, are held in the Lady Chapel, and last approximately 25 minutes. 

Weekday High Masses 
(not at present due to Covid-19)
Sung or High Mass is offered in the traditional manner on several days throughout the year, including Christmas, Epiphany (the visit of the wise men), Candlemas, (the presentation of the Christ Child in the temple), All Saints Day, certain days in Holy Week (leading up to Easter), Corpus Christi, and Holy Cross (the Patronal and dedication festival of the parish).