“St. Salvador” (Latin for “Holy Saviour”) was a popular ancient Scottish designation for churches, including one (now gone) in medieval Dundee. Our St. Salvador’s was built for the mill workers of the Hilltown area in the Victorian period, and was the unique masterpiece of the leading church architect of his day, G. F. Bodley.

St. Salvador’s is a small, friendly, traditional congregation of the Scottish Episcopal (Anglican) Church. We have a conservative catholic perspective, and many of our members are sympathetic toward (but we are not corporately affiliated to) “Forward in Faith”. We are not a large, polished, affluent high church congregation of liberal sympathies and liturgical entertainment. We retain something of the flavour of the original ministry to the city’s poor, especially as we run one of the busiest food banks in the city after Mass on Sundays.

Many of our members travel some distance to join us for our worship and mission. Although we have a wide range of ages, most of our members are drawn from three main groups. Students continue to find a home with us, as do many single, divorced or widowed people of various backgrounds, businesses, trades and professions. In more recent times were have begun to attract people who have been helped through our Food Cupboard ministry.

We warmly welcome you, whether you are visiting from another city, looking for a church, want to help Dundee’s marginalised, or are simply interested in experiencing the liturgy as it is conducted in our parish. If we can be of service in ANY way, please get in touch.

NOTE: Our disabled access is through our doors on St. Salvador Street. A low ramp allows wheelchair access inside.

“St. Salvador” (“Holy Saviour”) was a popular ancient name for churches in Scotland. Our St. Salvador’s was built for the poor, neglected mill workers of the Hilltown area, named for the Saviour who came looking for the forgotten. We believe that He still does. We still have a job to do here.

If you live in or near Hilltown, we are your neighbourhood church, helping to meet the changing needs of the people in this area for over 150 years.

Our church building, the Scottish masterpiece of G. F. Bodley, was designed to give the workers a break from their grey, hard lives. It is a riot of gold and colour, and it is unique—not only in Dundee, but in Scotland. The church entrance is located on Carnegie Street, next to the Hillcrest housing on the old Jamaica Works site on Alexander Street.

St. Salvador’s is a small, friendly, traditional congregation of the Scottish Episcopal Church. We’ve kept something of the flavour of the original ministry to the Hilltown. From our limited resources we still try to help others. Our halls are used by organisations dedicated to improving and enriching the lives of our neighbours.

You don’t have to be a member of our church to get our attention. We have always been here for you and for the community. Our ministry extends beyond our members both in happy times (christenings or weddings) and in difficult times (illness or death).

Call on us if we may be of any help to you. That’s why we are here.

“God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God sent the Son into the world, not to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him.”

St. John 3: 16, 17

You do not have to be an Episcopalian to contact us about weddings, baptisms or funerals.
We are here to serve YOU.

St. Salvador’s Episcopal Church, Dundee
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